What is TextbookBarter?


College students would take a summer job and save money to fund their spontaneous adventures, only to find out that they would be paying ridiculous amounts of that money for textbooks. This revelation is almost always followed by outrage and frustration. We already pay tuition, and for what? Students are forced to purchase texts only to rarely ever use them. Some majors don't use the textbooks at all, while others (we're looking at you, science majors) carry around massive texts they must worship if they want to pass.

These scenes of frustration and the sheer nuisance of a wasted purchase are what inspired this marketplace. A market specifically for students was an idea conceived by Mason Wallis in the spring of 2016. At the time, he was completing his Associate's Degree in Business Administration at SUNY Broome Community College. Mason realized that purchasing hundreds of dollars’ worth of textbooks only to sell them back to college bookstores for a fraction of the cost for eight semesters straight was nothing short of a scam. It was only after he transferred to SUNY Plattsburgh in August of 2016 that he saw the need for a student-to-student marketplace. After almost a year of research and development, he released the official TextbookBarter.com website for SUNY Plattsburgh.


TextbookBarter is a peer-to-peer online marketplace facilitating the sale of goods and services between college students. Our site features a free platform for users to buy and sell textbooks. You can join at any time and save that money for the weekends to come rather than buying a book on the shelf that you won't touch all semester. Or if you will use them, the eighteen books you need can come at the price of one or two.

As for services, we offer a tutoring section for students to offer their services based on their skills. You may not need a book, but maybe you need to borrow someone else's brain for an hour or two to pass an exam. Maybe you need to make a B into an A, and help with that can be found in a simple online source. Our mission is simple: connect college students on a college budget while advancing their education.


With the initial success of the website's launch and well-analyzed feedback, our marketplace has expanded to several other New York universities just in time for the fall semester of 2017. A student-to-student tutoring section was added and the entire website received a major design overhaul. But why would we stop there? Already, plans are underway for further expansion and greater features. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates. Thanks for checking out TextbookBarter!

Remember: friends don't let friends waste money on textbooks. College is about the experience, so don't experience just one book when you could experience ten more and a night out for the same price.